In the current worldwide threat environment, viable global operations must entail security and risk mitigation efforts. While most companies operating throughout the world must generally employ separate operational and security services providers, GAI builds security directly into all operational service offerings and transportation solutions. Our security intelligence products are designed to work in tandem with our operations services. Our security services and products are also stand alone and can be tailored to address specific client requirements. From monitoring to pre-trip assessments, to travel and security reports as well as project-based analysis and intel, the GAI security specialists are here to ensure that clients receive comprehensive operational support!


Custom Reports

GAI security products and reports are customized for our clientele. Security needs vary based on both client needs, operational requirements and industry standards. Our Intelligence is tailored to specific client needs and are always formulated to be clear, concise and accessible. Our research, data and information is the fundamental building block of all of our Operations services. We stand behind our transportation and operational solutions because all of our work is predicated on solid security Intelligence. Our information is not only available for specific operations but can be configured into the report, assessment or  consultation format necessary to address our client needs and requirements. Contact us to discuss your security and intelligence needs.

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