GuardianArc International transportation solutions leverage a myriad of resources including our extensive global network, various industry professionals as well as inherent security capabilities. Our broad transportation and logistics resources allow GAI to support the major travel, transport and logistics industries. See how our service offerings and packages can benefit your organization.

Standard Services


  •  Ground, Aviation, Maritime Support
  •  Secure Vehicle/Personnel Transport
  •  Executive Protection
  •  Security Escort / Guidance
  • Meet and Greet
  •  Air Charter
  •  Aviation, Maritime Guarding
  •  Evacuation / Crisis Support
  •  VIP / Executive Support
  • Event Security
  •  Transportation Assessment
  •  Operational/Travel Logistics
  •  Transportation Logistics Consulting


  •  Security Consultations
  •  Global Monitoring Products
  •  Geopolitical Impact Review
  •  Transport Threat Evaluations
  •  Route Assessments
  •  Travel / Flight Reports
  •  Risk Management
  •  Security Training
  •  Special Assessments
  •  Project Support
  •  Enterprise/Business Risk & Resiliency
  •  Security Logistics Planning

Service Solutions Packages

Consultative Concierge Services

The Consultative Concierge Services package is a comprehensive approach to managing travel. From request inception to operational deployment, the service entails crucial security consultation options at every step. Requests are comprehensively analyzed and managed via access to our security professionals that will provide threat mitigation and support options. The concierge services package can support luxury, executive, business or personal travel as well as large-scale, industry travel and transportation programs and requests.

GAI Global Alliance  

The GAI Global Alliance is an opportunity to directly engage the GuardianArc operational network to take your business international. This innovative business model extends the benefits and resources necessary to operate internationally without the costs and risks associated with such expansions. By joining the GAI global alliance, your company gains access to an established, vetted, security-based logistics network that is fully supported by our GAI team. What is more - GAI seamlessly integrates operations and security into your service offerings. With our behind-the-scenes operational model, GAI becomes the silent network driving your global operations.