2017 May Day events and security

This year's International Worker's Day, or May Day, occurs on 1 May 2017. The annual, global May Day holiday is often marked by celebratory events as well as demonstrations and strikes. May Day events, including large scale demonstrations and strike actions, have been scheduled throughout the world in 2017. A majority of large-scale events are usually held in capital cities and/or major metropolitan areas of a country.

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In the United States, May Day events are expected to be somewhat heightened in 2017 amid a backdrop of continued social and political tensions associated with the administration of US President Donald Trump. Major protests are possible in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles among other locations. May Day events and celebrations, including disruptive demonstrations are prominent throughout Latin America on this holiday. Particular care should be noted for Venezuela and Brazil at this time due to underlying tensions which could exacerbate May Day protests.

May Day events are also prominent in Europe and there are heightened risks of unrest and serious disruptions in Greece and France at this time. Large scale events are also possible in other major European cities. There is an underlying concern for potential terrorist targeting of events and crowds during this time period. Security is expected to be heightened. May Day events are also prominent in Asia and can lead to unrest, especially in more restive countries. While May Day events are not as prominent or as frequent in the Middle East, some countries do have annual events, including Morocco, Lebanon and Pakistan. Countries in Africa also observe May Day and disruptive actions are frequent in major cities especially in South Africa. Australia and New Zealand generally do not observe May Day on 1 May and associated events tend to be limited on this date.

Travelers should closely monitor events on 1 May at all destination points and should consider utilizing prearranged, secure transport throughout the day to mitigate any potential hazards.